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A Virtual Day at NAMM 2011

February 20th, 2011 | 10 Comments   « Previous  |  Episode 28  |  Next »

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Some highlights from this years NAMM show. Cool new stuff including The Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec, Ra from Dave Hill Designs, the new Drumagog, a new controller from Coleman, The Glasstones glass neck guitars, Phoenix Audio and Cartec Mic Pres, the SmartAx guitar processor form Empirical labs and more.

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  1. Bruno Fornazza

    hey, awesome new EP Ronan!!! great you had some time to put it togheter;;;; I hope next year I can make it into NAMM hehe!!

    PS>.. how many AE out there can say they´ve got John Rodd as their camera man?


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  2. Virginia Wagner

    Thanks for the tour! Lots of great info here. Best Wishes, Virginia

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  3. Virginia Wagner

    meant 4 stars! lol

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  4. Dot Todman

    Thanks for filming this! Was awesome! I love the guitar with the buttons! That is certainly something that looks less intimidating than a guitar that I think I could play! Also, very glad you got a glimpse of the cute kids singing their hearts out!
    Keep up the amazing work!

    Dot Todman
    Vocal Power Coach

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  5. Lucas

    Man, that was an awesome episode. Nice violin tail pieces! Love the interview with Empirical labs :D

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  6. Pete Swanson

    Excellent work Ronan, thanks!

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  7. Hakim Callier

    Thanks Ronan.

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  8. Robert Demers

    Thanks so much for taking your time to do this for us Ronan. As usual your show is not only entertaining but very educational, awesome!

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  9. Jeff

    Congrats Ronan.

    You seem to be the first person to have ANY info on the Empiricalabs Smartax. It’s a secret for now. Looks great. kinda wish you’d grabbed the guitar and gave us a run through but it was cool enough of him to just show it to us.

    Any idea on price?

    Again, another great show. really though, you look like you’re having WAY too much fun.

    See you at the Royal/T.

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  10. Seth

    Fantastic show as usual, Ronan! Does Dave Derr remind anyone else of a much cooler Pauly Shore, or is that just me?

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