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A virtual day at the NAB Show 2011 in Las Vegas

April 16th, 2011 | 8 Comments   « Previous  |  Episode 31  |  Next »

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I had a great time attending my first ever NAB Show in Las Vegas. I got to check out some cool things from Genelec, Soundproof Windows, GoPro and more. The highlight for me was probably an amazing “green screen” technology from Reflec Media. Features music by Curtis

To watch on your iphone or ipad, download the m4v file

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  1. Loco Hombre

    Thanks Ronan for the quick little trip down geek lane. I have 2 sliding glass doors by soundproof windows in my studio. They’ve been installed for a few years now and I’ve been very happy with the isolation between the tracking an control rooms. The ones I have are thinner at 1/4″ or 3/8′ laminate and they stop all but the very low end from getting through, and a good part of that may be coming through my ventilation system and not the doors themselves. Overall I’m very satisfied and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

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  2. Virginia Wagner

    Very cool products! Glad you enjoyed the NAB 2011 show! Thanks for sharing it with us! Virginia

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  3. Douglas Ross

    Another great episode, bringing your travels to us all. I appreciate your show, I continue to glean tips as I continuously learn here at my home studio, and contemplate new gear lust all the time. Keep em’ coming Ronin! You are appreciated.

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  4. Pete Swanson

    Ronan, thanks for a glimpse into the NAB show. I hope this finds you well. I was so saddened to see your dedication to Roger. I remember discussing his condition with you in January….I appreciate that you dedicated the episode to him.
    I will meet your friend Greg here in NoVa next week for lunch.
    Warm regards

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  5. Rob

    Great stuff, Ronan. You go there in case we can’t get there! And great to see show highlights of new technology over a cup of tea.

    Look forward to seeing you soon, in Italy.


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  6. Donald Weiner

    Well who ever woulda figured a set of USB tap shoes would be available! In fact, who woulda thunk it to begin with??? Cool show Ronan!!!!

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  7. Lucas

    The kick-ass theme song’s back. Super cool segments through out. Loved the sound proofing glass interview – and wow, Curtis’ music from the video’s AMAZING. Ears in awe upon first listen!

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  8. JH Fleming

    Seems we followed a similar path through the NAB floors.
    Good job interviewing those folks. Love their smiles.
    You gave me some credibility when I heard “there was another guy crazy like you here too”.
    Keep rockin Ronan
    Love you like a bad habit!

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