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Two new recording technique interviews

September 5th, 2012 | 7 Comments   « Previous  |  Episode 41  |  Next »

This “episode” is two new interviews I have done featuring lots of recording approaches and theory.

Interview for the new AEA Ribbon Mics webzine Fix it in the Mic

Drum Recording interview for Full On Drums (You can see parts 2&3 on their web site)

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  1. Kevin Williams


    I really enjoyed the “drum recording” interview. It should be mandatory for all drummers recording in the studio for the first time to watch this! You touched on some great points. I have found that it’s common for drummers (especially young or inexperienced drummers) to overplay, or play parts that are not appropriate for the song and/or tune their drums in a way that is inappropriate for the particular style of music they are making. One of my favorite drum tracks comes from the Wallflowers’ “One Headlight” and it’s just a great kick/snare/hat (no crashes) groove that drives the song and serves it’s purpose perfectly.
    The disconnect between how drums really sound and how a drummer thinks that they sound is interesting. It really is helpful to have them listen critically to some commercial recordings as they often realize that the drum sound on those records is much different than the previous perception of them. Sometimes drummers will be in search of the “perfect drum sound” when in reality there is no such thing, but rather the appropriate sound for the song. Compare the rediculously reverberant yet awesome snare drum from Live’s “The Dam at Otter Creek” with the tight, dry snare from Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain”. On totally different sides of the spectrum yet both awesome.
    Love the videos Ronan, koodos!

    Take Care!

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  2. Gawaine

    Great advice Ronan, particularly about the importance of making players aware of arrangment and the overall sound before you even start miking up! Looking forward to your next video :)

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  3. Jim Gablick

    Thanks for these interviews Ronan. I must say, my hair was flying back and my ears hurt just looking at that monitor(?) behind you in the video. You must have double reinforced walls in your studio. Had to tease you a little; seriously though, thanks for all the info you put out. You’ve been a great help to me in learning this thing.

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  4. Jeff

    So, if you’re going to fire the drummer for being ‘off the grid’ Charlie Watts would never have made it to Satisfaction.

    Can you imagine hearing the Stones with out each and every song speeding up?

    Who’d want to?

    Thanks again for putting the recording world in perspective.

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  5. Denis

    love these, watching a second time, great sharing Ronan :)

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  6. Chelo

    Ronan, I’m new to your website, even though I’ve came across talking to you in Gearslutz threads and places like that one, gotta say I really love sites like yours. The combination of real professional work summed to learning from a few actual good teachers on the internet like you, Graham Cochrane, Brandon Drury, and some other famous ones with published books and stuff, has been amazing to me, I’ve learned more in about a year than I felt I learned in the 4 years of major, I mean not to disrespect my university or teachers, I learned a lot from them but that was absorbing the basics, now with internet and my freelance work I’ve formed a real perspective and criteria for myself and my work, thank you for sharing your knowledge and merry xmas.

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  7. Randy Mickelberg

    Hey Ronan! I have a SM 44 mic. and would like to get your imput on what would be a complimentary mic. to buy that would give some more options? Sometimes wish the SM 44 were more colored or flattering to a vocal… Thanks for all your hard work!

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