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AEA RPQ500 mic pre EQ explained

December 12th, 2012 | 2 Comments   « Previous  |  Episode 43  |  Next »

This episode we dig into the new mic pre from AEA the RPQ500. It is a mic pre and EQ in the 500 format. After playing with it a few days, I could not wrap my head around the EQ section. I suppose if I had “RTFM” I could have figure it out, but one of the perks of being me is that a lot of the people that build the gear I love are friends of mine, so I had Julian from AEA come by and explain it to me… and you.

I also announce new Recording Boot Camps in Italy and Greece

Download the m4v version for your ipod or ipad

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  1. Hue Nery

    Hey Ronan. Love the show. Just wondering if there’s any chance you’d drop in up north here in Vancouver BC? There’s a recording school up here called Nimbus which is co run by Gggggarth Richardson, Kevin Williams and Bob Ezrin. I don’t know if there’s a conflict of interest there or not but it be great to experience one of your lessons in person.

    If that fails there’s always The Warehouse, The Armoury, Greenhouse…well. I don’t know just taking a shot here.

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  2. Rob

    Love, love, love the show and if the cash gods are on my side will join you in Italy in February for the mixing workshops. Can’t promise tho :(

    Great episode: interesting insights in to the RPQ500 – cool stuff 8)

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