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UBK Clariphonic DSP Review – Kush Audio

January 25th, 2013 | 9 Comments   « Previous  |  Episode 44  |  Next »

In this episode I review the Clariphonic DSP, The plug in version of Kush Audio’s Clariphonic hardware parallel EQ. You can download audio samples Please note: there is a mistake in the editing and the raw drum overhead sample is mono. We are trying to fix that ASAP

Download the m4v version for your iphone or ipad

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9 Comments ~ Speak your mind »
  1. Anton

    Excellent review, thanks Ronan. I think your dead on when you say it does what it does really well but it only does very few things!! LOL
    And your right, the state of the “swtches” are hard to see from close up,let alone far away.
    Love me some Clairphonic…
    Be curious to hear your thoughts on the UBK1 comp.

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  2. Kelvin

    I always love how honest and real world these reviews are…I imagine that you probably get TONS of companies wanting you to tout the party line, but I’m glad you’re not afraid to point out the shortcomings and limitations as well…keep the reviews/tips/tricks coming! We sure appreciate it!

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  3. Shaun

    I was especially impressed by the drum overheads example. It almost seemed to make them sound wider. Very nice!

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  4. Phil W

    Hi Ronan,
    Those overheads at 8:00, when the Clariphonic is on it gets quite wide, almost as if the “off” example was mono! Is the Clariphonic really doing all that?

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  5. Alex Austyn

    Perfect timing Ronan, I downloaded the demo last week and have used it on a project or two. Now I think I just have to have this, seems like it will get used quite a bit, and be an indispensable tool. As always, I enjoy your video podcasts… keep up the great work.

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  6. Grizzly

    Great show! and a fair and balanced review of the Clariphonic. I agree – it is a great plugin. :)

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  7. Rob

    Your new studio looks homely, Ronan. Must be all settled in now?

    Always love your videos – feels like getting invited in to your home – transported across cyber-channels!

    Really enjoyed the review. In the studio right now and could really hear the effect of the Clariphonic on this video demonstration. Thanks.

    Was impressed that on the guitars alone they brought out more body yet in the mix more string presence.

    Was a little lost to what the ‘focus’ control does exactly…

    Think you perhaps summed up all plug-ins at the beginning of the review. In my limited experience so far, I’ve not yet found a plug-in that directly replicates it’s hardware equivalent. Still, plug-ins use a lot less space and energy and for most listener’s ears (laptops?) / engineers abilities … they can be good enough … ?

    Thanks again for great points for discussion and enjoy NAMM!

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  8. carsten

    Great show! I love these “special effects”, I didnt’t knew this one and I will definetely try it (probably first the plugin).

    @Phil W
    The comparison at 8:03 Minutes switches definetely from mono to stereo, so it’s no a fair shoot-out. It’s certainly a mistake made by Ronan. The perceiving of the “air” is different from stereo to mono, the very “crispy” sound could be an illusion due to stereophonic image.

    (Btw, I just sat down and EQ’ed the hell out of a snare for over 10 Minutes, and just when it got the right sound, I noticed that the EQ I was pulling the whole time was inserted into a totally different channel. Again…
    Time to get a Pizza!)

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  9. Joseph Piccione

    Love this Plug-in on the Master Buss! Works wonders on BGV Buss as well.
    Thanks for the review on this plug-in!

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