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ATTY Winner & Neumann KH 120 A mini review

May 20th, 2013 | 5 Comments   « Previous  |  Episode 47  |  Next »

This episode includes a mini review of The new Neumann KH 120 A  Studio Monitors (please see disclosure statement about link)

I reveal the winners of the ATTY give-away and why I choose them. Check out the tracks.

Winner of the new ATTY

Carey Langille
You can download the track for free here

Winner of the used ATTY

Pablo Vidal

Winner of the A Designs REDDI hat

Matt Giant


Honorable mentions

Funniest entry

Benno ‘Benito’ Kaiser

Best band name

Andy Sartain

This just made me happy

James Ramm

To watch on your iphone or ipad download the m4v version

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  1. Kenny

    Another great episode and a great show on TAXI! Your insights and the way you express them are invaluable.

    Be well …. Kenny

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  2. Frank Watt

    Hi Ronan,
    Great stuff. Thanks for all your insight over the years. I wasn’t aware of the contest. Must have missed the entry info. i wanted to send you a coupla links to some of my work. I’m currently working on an album of covers for Rezonator which I am also a member of as the drummer and some guitars. Love to enter any future contests and also just hear your well respected opinion. and and an old original that friends seem to enjoy

    Best Regards

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  3. santiago

    Congratulations to Pablo Vidal and the rest of the Argentinian team for the prize.

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  4. peakae

    I use the Neumann kh120a speakers myself and I mostly agree with You.
    The low end I find big, compared to their size, also compares to other well known speakers using woofers up to 6.5″
    They actually go lower than some bigger sized nearfields I have owned.
    That said, you are right if you want to know what really is going on down there they would need a little help. Neumann makes a sub the KH 810 that would fit well but also not cheap.

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  5. Carey Langille

    WOW, Thanks Ronan! Very excited! :) Heather is an awesome musician, LOVE working with her! We try to let the Music Dictate the Production! Very Important i feel!

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