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The Swirlygig Swirlyhook and Simple Mixing Tips

May 27th, 2013 | 7 Comments   « Previous  |  Episode 48  |  Next »

Way back in episode 4, I reviewed the Swirlygig studio drink holder and in this episode we check out the new swirlyhook headphone holder. I also share a simple trick I use to find trouble spots in a mix.

To watch on your ipad or iphone download the m4v version.

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  1. Scott M

    Sometimes the simplest solutions are the most powerful. I sometimes go the opposite way with the bell EQ, and do a sweep until the problem sound becomes VERY obvious, that’s when I tighten up the Q and then pull it down.

    Just that simple technique has really cleaned up some very annoying components of my mixes.

    Thanks for this Ronan!

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  2. Petros Kolyvas

    I use several options for headphones:

    The Oktava HH-01 (Headphone Hanger) for all sorts of things, cables, headphones, etc. It doesn’t seem as secure as the one you’re showing us, but it’s in the same price range and uses a thumbscrew to clamp onto mic stands. I can’t find a link that is for a non-online-shop and I don’t want to advertise for anyone so you’ll have to search yourself.

    The Oktava is about $10. I have about 10 in the studio.

    The other option, for desks, a cheap pony clamp works wonders ( – all credit for this ideagoes to Jan McLaughlin ( – the sound mixer/recordist behind Nurse Jackie. Great for workstations or just to have them at your desk if you don’t sit in front of a console.

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  3. jeff

    Oh gawd. I can throw the coat hangers away now.

    btw—You can’t always blame the musicians for destroying the head phones. I bought 4 pair at one time last year and within an hour of use all 4 pair’s ear pads came off. And these weren’t cheapies.

    Duct tape to the rescue [What?!! You want pretty? You can't afford pretty [lol]

    Thanks again for some enlightened entertainment.

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  4. Joey Daddario

    Now I’m sure you’re not directing the cup holder idea at me personally. I mean, its not like I tipped my coffee cup over on the floor of your studio during the Mixing class after lunch…or anything like that… :-)


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  5. Rob


    What is that RCM-2R behind you in the video? :)

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  6. Carolyna Loveless

    Loved it!
    Gotta get me that Steven Segal power drink to go with a new swirlyhook.
    Thanks for the mix tips too. Usually find myself muting to find issues but appreciate a reminder of why it is better than soloing.
    Cheers Rohan,

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  7. John

    Swirlygig and swirlyhook review info. Thanks Ronan great stuff.

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