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Elysia Nvelope Review & Cloudlifter give-away

August 12th, 2013 | 13 Comments   « Previous  |  Episode 50  |  Next »

Hard to believe this is Episode #50!! Thanks so much for everyone that watches and even more thanks to everyone that shares the show with their friends.

To celebrate we are giving away a Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL-1,  25dB phantom powered mic amp.

Then we review the Nvelope, a ground breaking dynamics processor from Elysia and do a little comparison to the SPL Transient Designer. The show came out  longer than I expected, but has a lot of good info and recording advice.  I do examples in real time, so try to watch the show with some decent speakers or headphones if you can.

Down load the m4v version to watch on your iphone or ipad.

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13 Comments ~ Speak your mind »
  1. Ernest Buckley

    Hi Ronan,

    Thanks for the review, its honestly the first piece of gear from Elysia that I actually like the sound of… everything else I have heard sort of sounds like it thins out the mix/instrument. Just one note… when you start tweaking the stereo mix, your voice is a bit low, making it hard to hear you.

    Aside from that, good work as always.


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  2. Allen Burkett

    Hi Ronan,

    Love your reviews. Very lucid & easy to understand. I have purchased the nvelope, Lachapell preamps, Shure KSM mics, and a couple of FetHeads based on your reviews, and love them all. I forward your reviews to my sales engineer at and he enjoys them too. Thank you!!

    Allen Burkett
    Shady Grove Studio
    Temperance, MI

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  3. Carey Langille

    CONGRATULATIONS! On 50 Amazing Episodes! Look forward to the NEXT 50!

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  4. Dave Bryce

    Great show as always, and top notch job putting the nVelope through it’s paces – thank you, Ronan!

    One quick note – at 7:30, where you say that the unit can’t do EQ and impulse shaping at the same time, I’m not sure it’s clear that you mean per channel – it is possible to use the right side as as EQ and the left side for impulse shaping (or vice versa). The ability to do that is one of the cooler features of the unit.


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  5. DD Rivers

    I was impressed with transient designer, this has sent me into WOW! And the production on the video was really good. Thanks for the video.

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  6. Zé Nuno Oliveira

    Great video Ronan, congrats!

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  7. jeff

    Hi Ronan

    Dude! You vid production is getting sooo much better. Awesome.

    I have a certain fondness for the sound you got at 9:26 ["Big Fun"]. Sort of that old school ELO sound without using gated reverb. Nice.

    You’re keeping this piece of gear, I’m guessing. I can think of two or three places it could have been used on my last project so I’ll keep an ear out for the next one.

    Lovely acoustic guitar manipulation. Oh so handy.

    I agree with Allen [above]. I’ve bought several things you’ve reviewed. You should be getting a commission check from Sweetwater.

    Once again, you’ve outdone yourself.


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  8. Fusion Head

    Great review. I love the idea of EQ dependent transient control. Love your shows… only started watching recently, downloaded a heap of them onto my phone to listen to… keep ‘em coming!

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  9. andy

    Is that the Standard Audio Stretch I see in your lunchbox? How are you digging the TBDD-500?

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  10. Dominik Klassen

    Hello Ronan,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to produce this in-depth review of the nvelope. It’s really showing the potentials of this processor in great ways, and we’re glad you liked it.

    Sorry for the power switch ;-) It does make a lot of sense from a technical perspective, but I can see where it can be a pain…

    Our congratulations on the 50th episode, and all the best!
    Dominik (elysia)

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  11. Jen

    Hi Ronan,

    Congrads on reaching ep. 50! keep em comming cause i’ve learned a bunch from your tips and tricks.

    On the nvelope; with the freq. filters on this thing I think this could do wonders on a ’small’ live stage. Like when there’s way to much gitar amp sound comming through the drum mic’s. Especially with like the snare on the snaredrum.
    anyway thats just my 2 ct after hearing you play around..

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  12. Douglas Ross

    Ronan, In order to keep moving forward with the craft of recording, I need people like you. You have, and continue to do this service to us all in a very fun and non-nebulous way. I have purchased gear with your help, and have aquired new ideas that apply so well to what I am doing here in my project studio. This review is again, another one to hold on to. As my budget allows, it’s just more fuel for the fire. Thank you as always.

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  13. Rob

    Congratulations on 50 episodes, Ronan!

    You are an inspiration to us all showing what hard work and dedication can achieve!

    What a bit of gear the nvelope is. I personally was impressed with the effect around 20:30 @ 100Hz. I’m quite surprised at what (else) the device can do beyond the obvious. I want one.

    ..and I will certainly be entering the cloud lifter FB competition too!

    Not wishing to use your comments fields as a place to pitch promotions – more hoping to help any recordists out there looking to make a saving… I noticed that the plug-in version of the SPL transient designed is on offer for this month only (September 2013)….

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